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The English name for the pocket watch pocket watch, by definition, should be worn on the chest, the arms of the table. When it comes to replica watches, practical function as a secondary anti, the imagination of most people is that it's, master's story. When it from his pocket, the kind gentleman temperament, as if it has, it has its own history and never set foot in the same character. In ancient times, the watch also has a unique feature that is the expression of love, convey blessings, when nobles like to use the watch as a token of love, then people turn pocket watch given to elders pray blessings expression.
Early clock, mostly installed on the church or bell tower, watching the time for people to use, but was not yet a personal timepiece. After about two centuries of development, the clock is the driving force behind the transformation of the hammer spring, so as to counter the miniaturization of the foundation. 16th century, European-made to the system clock Clockmaker technology invented the pocket watch. The world's oldest watch, it is manufactured by German watchmaker. This pocket watch was born in about 1511, the original iron watch, only an hour hand on the table, no minutes, seconds, this performance hidden in Philadelphia Memorial
Germany Haberman (Karl Habmann GmbH) was born in 1923, is a company with a long history of German independent watch brand, after years of development, the company has become the largest German Haberman pocket watch manufacturers, the company mainly engaged in manufacturing high quality pocket watches and special watch, such as pendant watch, nurse watch and so on. In 1973, after Carl Haberman (Karl Habmann) died, his son Carl Friedrich Haberman (Karl Friedrich Habmann) take over the company. 2003, Siliweier (Silvia Habmann) Join Haberman company, a third-generation descendant. After World War II destroyed Haberman but survived, adhere to the unique heritage of craftsmanship mechanical movement pocket watch, pocket rolex replica watch with close to a hundred years of manufacturing experience, and long-lasting classic pocket watch. Haberman With close to a hundred years of development history, the tradition of watchmaking, the integration of modern ideas and innovation, focus on the production of four series of pocket watches.
Pocket watch teaser witness to the golden years
Time, after all, as the surging river-like flow to the thing of the past, but it can be immortal through erosion pocket watch era still stand the test of time, recorded live every minute of silent flowing traces become a microcosm of the years and long-lasting Memorial. The world of the truth would seem like a pocket watch rare and precious Haberman, willing each other's feelings, such as pocket general constancy, a thousand words in mind, engraved with the names of each other, the golden years of this witness as a pocket watch.